Monday, July 20, 2009

scroll down to bottom of conversation to read the names and add your own

JGold: so how do you do it?
ARosenberg: do what
JGold: jdate you read about girls
ARosenberg: just sign up
you need to
JGold: and then what
what do you do
ARosenberg: the most important part is the name
you need a solid name
spend two to three weeks developing a name
once you have a good name
send it to me
i will decide if the name is good enough
if not keep working
JGold: are you serious?
ARosenberg: yes
i am a copywriter
name is everything
JGold: what about...Yeast-Free
ARosenberg like that is funny
but it might ruin your game on the net
you can put that you are humorous
but I wouldnt put that as your name
JGold:come up with a good name douche
ARosenberg: IwanttoshowyouAllmygoldenJEWels
JGold: Im screwed
what was yours?